WizBiz GH


Driven by our passion and love for what we do, we design the dreams of our clients . WizBiz Ghana Ltd offers variety of services to our clients.

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We Offers Variety of Software Products for our clients. The Softwares we developed are released as web versions, stand alone products or as a mobile App

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We have been in the software business for 5 years and still expanding. We have a number of clients who use some of our products. Apart from software products we also offer other services.

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Welcome to our website!

We are a systems consulting, integration and software development company and our objective is to expedite your business processes and add value to your products and services. With over five years of database products experience, we are committed to producing tangible results.

The Company is made up of different teams specialized in each of the many sectors in ICT. This ensures that’s each project we undertake gets the maximum attention and the best in terms of skills and experience. The combined effort of management and skilled personnel makes WIZBIZ GHANA LIMITED Successful.

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Our work isdedicated tothe prosperityof our clients!

Latest Products

Susu Monitoring System.

Our Susu Monitoring System 'Elive' was released on 13th August 2014.This software is in two part, a mobile version for the susu agents and a desktop version for the susu monitors

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Hr&Payroll system.

Enable our clients to enhance efficiency in human resource management whiles making payroll processing easier and more reliable..

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Fixed Asset Management System.

Our fixed asset system helps you to track your assets and also depreciate them automatically every month.

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Providential Fund Sytem.

This System Manages, Monitors and Tops up employees Contributions in an organization.

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